At Boulter, we understand the importance of safe and efficient tank installations. When a local client sought out our custom rigging services for a 37,000-pound beverage tank, we brought in a range of specialized equipment. With the use of our FR Series 40/60 fork truck, portable jacks, shims, and skates we were able to successfully complete the job with little disruption to operations.

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Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied & Processes Implemented

  • Rigging
    • Transported the tank into the building using our 40/60 Hoist forklift and skates
  • Installation
    • Tank installation completed by four Boulter field employees
    • Equipment leveling and alignment using shims
    • Anchoring equipment to the concrete floor

Estimated Weight

  • 37,000 pounds

Equipment Used for Installation

  • 2.5-ton fork truck
  • 40/60 Hoist fork truck (Lifting capacity up to 60,000 pounds)
  • Portable jack
  • Shims
  • Rigging gang box


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