As a full service packaging facility, Boulter is able to handle requests requiring a variety of specialties. At the request of a local manufacturing company, Boulter provided onsite breakdown and rigging services, packaging and full environmental protection crating for a multi-station automated manufacturing system. Moreover, we provided load out, containerization blocking, and freight support to the products’ overseas destination.

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Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied & Processes Implemented

  • Project Planning
    • Pre-project meetings for safety, scheduling, material, and equipment requirements.
  • Rigging and breakdown support
    • Assisted with teardown, station and cell separations, pre-pack inventory and staging
  • Crating and packaging
    • Load, block and brace, anchor and secure equipment to crating and skid bases.
    • Corrosion inhibitor applied, barrier bags sealed and vacuumed, additional blocking, crating closures.
    • Loaded ocean containers, block and brace crating within the ocean containers, recorded and documented container and seal numbers for dock receipts.

Equipment Used for Installation

  • Forklifts
  • Boom Extensions
  • Skates
  • Heat Sealers
  • Pneumatic Staple and Nail Guns
  • Portable 10,000 pound weight scale
  • Saws
  • Air Compressor
  • Vacuum


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